Our company can deliver its products to anywhere in Europe.

Our experts, who have extensive experience, will select the most suitable option for you at the best prices, promptly arrange delivery.

In production we use only high-quality and certified building materials.


Modular unit 6×2.4×2.6 m with 1 window
To rent – 99 €/month
Buy – 1 949 €


Modular unit (interior decoration) – 4×2.4 m with 1 window
To rent – 70 €/month
Buy – 1 350 €


Security post 1.5×1.5 m
To rent – 70 €/month
Buy – 899 €

Basic characteristics of modules

blankThe standard cabins provide accommodation for up to 10 people.

blankReliable mounting loops and design allow you to transport / assemble / disassemble the modul many times.

blankHigh-quality window profile and accessories, anti mosquito nets, shutters, metal grilles.

blankOur cabins are insulated with an additional layer of mineral wool.

blankThe products are supplied with electricity, there are sockets, lamps, automatic machines. According to norms.

Wearproof linoleum on the floor.blank

blankWe recommend an electric convector. Various boilers or alternative sources are also possible.

blankRoof covering from a professional flooring or membrane, single-pitch or gable.

blankFacades are made of corrugated board or sandwich panels, and the interior decoration is selected individually. In the OSB standard 10mm.

How are modular products being made?

You choose sizes, and a solid frame is brewed for these sizes. Then it is sheathed with a crate, for the convenience of attaching finishing materials.

The outer part of the trailer is sheathed with a special corrugated board, taking into account the openings for doors and windows. Then, after covering the outside, we install windows and a strong metal door.

In addition, the change house is insulated with mineral wool, as well as a special membrane for the roof. Then the full interior decoration of the walls is made. The floor is also done, which can withstand heavy loads, is waterproofed and keeps heat. Wearproof linoleum is laid on top of all layers of the floor, which will last a long time when properly used.

After manufacturing, you can pick up the change house yourself or use our delivery.


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