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Benefits of Shopping Pavilions

Full metal frame
Withstands temperature differences
You can choose the colors of the walls and roof
18 months warranty from the manufacturer

The benefit of using inexpensive pavilions is obvious: buying them is much more profitable than renting a full-fledged building. In addition, the buildings are usually large, their lighting and heating takes a lot of electricity. Mobile trading pavilions are spared these shortcomings: they will have exactly as much space as you need for a comfortable business.

You can either purchase such mini-cafes on order, or use the kiosk rental service in Kiev and Kiev region. In this case, from the time of order to the moment when you can use your new mobile trading point, less than a month will pass. This is a very convenient solution for the capital, where the business must grow rapidly.

Trading Pavilions

Even just walking around any city, you can notice how market relations affect its appearance. Every day there are new outlets. And increasingly, metal trading pavilions are used to create them. They are created according to one principle – they have a metal frame, a covering with a heater and interior decoration.


You can not only buy mobile outlets, but also rent them if necessary. If you have just opened your own business and want to minimize costs, you should pay attention to our service for renting trade pavilions.

This will be a good solution if you want to first test how profitable a particular district of the city will be, and at the same time do not want to spend money on renting a full-fledged building, whose term often is at least six months.

Mobile shopping pavilions in Kiev

The trading pavilions that our company produces are not only convenient, but also reasonably affordable. They are mobile, and that’s it: at any moment you can simply move them from one place to another if you want to change the location of your business or find a more profitable place. In addition, the pavilions are reliable: installed on a foundation or other solid surface, they are able to last several decades, having paid back their cost hundreds of times.

At the same time, you can equip mobile outlets with running water and electricity, and even provide space heating. All this will make work and shopping at such points very comfortable at any time of the year, which will undoubtedly positively affect the profitability of the business.

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