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Trailer for sale  “Bavaria-2”

Price: 1436 € (see price)

Trading trailer “California-3”

Price:  3394 € (see price)

Trading trailer “California-4”

Price: 4459 € (see price)

Trading trailer “Bavaria-3”

Price: 1535 € (see price)

Trading trailer “Bavaria-4”

Price: 1676 € (see price)

Trading trailer “Bavaria-5”

Price: 2143 € (see price)

Advantages of Trading Trailers

Trading trailers are produced quickly, the whole process will take no more than 20 working days. It is very convenient and many times exceeds the speed of building a full-fledged building.

The cost of such an institution is quite budgetary, which will help you quickly open it and devote more budget to more important things.

You can conduct water supply to it, equip it with electricity, which will allow the cafe to fully function.

Thanks to the metal frame, trailers serve for many years, and a special insulation in the casing allows them to withstand temperature drops from -20 to +40 degrees.

Trading trailers

If you want to open a small cafe, but are not ready to allocate large funds for its construction or purchase, an excellent solution would be to use a change-over wagon specifically designed for small catering establishments. This is a great idea that is not inferior in quality to a full-fledged building.

In addition, metal cabins, if necessary, can be moved to any other place. This gives a lot of advantages for a small business, and allows you to save a budget by directing it in a more useful direction.

Individual orders of trade trailers: You can independently develop a drawing of an ideal cafe, and we will bring this idea to life!

Price of a trading trailer or cabins

The price of trailers directly depends on their size and equipment. You can either make an order for an individual project, or take advantage of our proven standard solutions. In any case, the reasonable price of such a modular building will allow you to quickly pay back your investments and enjoy your existing business.

The main parameter that affects the price of a mobile cafe is its area. Additionally, delivery of a modular building is also paid, or you can pick it yourself if there is a special transport for transportation.

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